The Project

International Translation Day 2013 is a project designed to raise awareness about the importance of translation in our globalized world.

What is it?

International Translation Day is celebrated every year on September 30. Created in 1953, it has been set on this day because of the feast of St. Jerome, the translator of the Bible. St. Jerome is also the patron saint of translators.


The project is designed around one main idea: “Translation is…”. Translators all around the world are welcome to send their answer and their thoughts on this topic. By September 30, we aim to reach an important number of participations – showing the diversity of our profession. All the answers will be published on this blog, showcasing the pride that we take in being translators.

On top of that, we will have a countdown to September 30, starting from September 20. Each day, we will have influent translators as guests who will share their insight of the translation world .


3 thoughts on “The Project

  1. […] Day just around the corner (taking place on St Jerome’s day, 30th September), and several projects attempting to tackle this very issue of a lack of visibility and understanding of the subject, this […]

  2. […] Day”, on September 30th. I was happy to be among many other well known translators on a special blog for the International Translators Day. You can read the complete interview here: […]

  3. Translation is converting the meaning and style of a text into the same meaning and style in another language if and when appropriate.

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