Happy International Translation Day ’13!


Happy International Translation Day ’13, everyone! That’s it, today is the day we have all been waiting for… The day where the long wait over, the day where all the quotes that have been received are published here on the blog!

I would like to thank the 80 people who kindly submitted their quotes, explaining  what translation is to them (sometimes very creatively, wow!), and also the 10 interviewees that generously shared their insights, stories, advice,… on our profession! Without you, this project wouldn’t have been possible!

For those of you who haven’t sent in your quote yet but would like to: there is still time! The project was so well received that I decided against closing it today. After all, this whole adventure was supposed to build a feel-good place so the more, the merrier, right? To know more about how to submit it, visit the Participate page!

Thank you, everyone, and have a wonderful day filled with words, creativity and languages!


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